4 Tips to Get Healthy Before September


The summer is a challenging time for everyone.  There is always a reason to have a glass a wine, beer, scone, ice-cream or pixie stick. 


Sitting on a beach or lake can be exhausting and make us feel like any movement is a an intense workout.


Now is the time to own the summer and plan for the future. September is 3 weeks a way.  If you can mentally wrap your mind and body around pressing the restart button, three weeks is a long time!


​​1. Own Your New SizeHave you been wearing those shorts? We all have a section of the closet that represents unhealthy choices. Does a pants expander look like a brilliant product? Looking for products to hide the truth is a common practice.  Don’t buy a new wardrobe! Don’t hide unhealthy choices.  This is not about being vain.  There is a reason your doctor measures your weight on the scale every year.  It is a measurement of health.   Grab your skinny jeans and make them your everyday jeans!

2. Pick a day to commit with friendSXLLM

​​Sitting around with your friends and family drinking wine is not the best moment to change, but it could be the best time to pick a day to change.  If chronic pain impacts your social circle, maybe its a sign that shouldn’t be ignored.  Research shows that being part of a healthy community promotes a healthy lifestyle, so, wouldn’t the opposite be true. Could your unhealthy community be impacting your waistline and your health?  Engage your community with your new healthy goals. Pick a day to begin and keep each other accountable.  
3. Set Small Attainable Goals MXLLS

​​Only use the scale to measure trendsThe ultimate prize of a healthy lifestyle is hard to imagine when you have to get up at 5:30am for a new workout plan.  Make a decision to celebrate a week of workouts by getting a massage or manicure. A day of sticking to a meal plan should end in a bubble bath.  
If weight loss is your goal the scale can be the enemy before it becomes a friend. A successful week does not always translate to the number we deserve on a the scale. The scale is influenced by things we can’t always control. On the other hand, making healthy food and working out doesn’t gaurentee success if you just have a little wine and cheese. Managing the scale requires a delicate balance of accountability and stress-management. 
4. Stay AccountableMake sure you have a plan to stay accountable.  Breaking those habits can be challenging.   Grabbing a bowl of ice-cream (or frozen yogurt) at 8pm when no one is watching is tough. Ordering cream in your coffee in a drive thru after a crazy carpool experience feels like a no-brainer. Those habits have lead to the weight gain around your waist.  Those habits have lead to chronic pain and sleepless nights!  Changing habits and having a plan for accountability is the key to success. We recommend finding a team or an accountability coach.  

“Failure is success in progress”-  Albert EinsteinBecoming a student of your body is the key to a healthy lifestyle.  If you felt great with a clean diet but fell off the wagon, that does not mean the clean diet failed.  Just set yourself up for success and learn from the summer.  A healthy lifestyle requires a flexible plan with many detours.

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