Be Fitter, Stronger and Trimmer in Less than 6 Weeks!

Be Fitter, Stronger and Trimmer in Less Than 6 Weeks!

Simplicity.  Sometimes when we are feeling out of shape, unable to lift items we could always pick up, tired and stuffed into our clothes, we dismiss the notion that the solution may be simple.  Simple? How?  This is a big project.  Weight loss, strength, energy levels?  This is going to need lots of effort, and quite frankly I’m too tired for that.

Good news!  Small adjustments to your day may be all you need to help get the ball rolling, and once the ball is in motion, use the momentum!

Here are some simple and basic tips to try.  Do something small each day and eventually you may find yourself fitter, stronger and trimmer!

FOOD:  Eliminate ONE unhealthy choice.  Sugary coffee with flavored syrup, French fries with lunch, chocolate and caffeine snack in the afternoon?  Pick one, not all, to replace.  Enjoy your coffee without syrup or maybe try a tea. Include a fresh, crisp salad instead of fries.  Eating a few bites of the salad helps increase vitamins and minerals and displaces the empty calories of the fries.  Need a pick me up in the afternoon?  Try an iced green tea that offers lower caffeine and is chock full of antioxidants.  Choose an apple, pear or berries as an afternoon snack to include some natural sugars that bring fiber and phytonutrients (really good stuff).

FITNESS:  Include a new physical activity for 10-15 minutes each day.  Take a walk at lunch, use the stairs frequently or stretch at your desk – set a timer to remind yourself.  Ask friends if they would like to join you in a class – maybe yoga, zumba or stretch.  If you can’t dedicate enough time to get to a class currently, google one new yoga pose each week and do it first thing in the morning or maybe just before bedtime.

STRESS:  If your stress is high, like most Americans report, you will likely experience fatigue, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, and loss of interest in activities among many other health complications.  Learning stress management is for everyone who wants to lead a healthier life, not just for those that appear overwhelmed and “stressed-out.”  Participate in meditation, visualizations, yoga, breathing exercises or mindfulness practices to fill your stress tool box with a variety of tools.

Keep it simple, and get fit, strong and trim!  The time will pass no matter what you choose to do!

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