How to Eat Well on a Budget

Eating well doesn’t have to be expensive when you follow these tips:

– Be flexible about what you buy.  For instance, instead of going to the store to buy ingredients for a recipe, which may not be on sale that week, go to the store with an open mind and buy ingredients that are on sale and THEN develop recipes to use those ingredients.   That’s what professional chef’s do!- Buy seasonal produce!  It’s better tasting and will save you money.- Stock up on lean proteins when they are on sale and freeze them- Enjoy healthy meatless meals a few times a week.  Whole grains coupled with succulent beans and nutrient-rich vegetables come to life when you add flavorful herbs and spices, like this Slow Cooker Chickpea Stew.- Plan ahead!  Prepare ingredients on Sunday to use during the work week.  Having your produce washed, cut and ready to go makes it fast and convenient to prepare healthy meals during the hustle and bustle of weeknights.  Here are some healthy freezer meals you might want to try!- Make your ingredients do double duty.  Roasting a chicken?  Enjoy the meal and keep a little of the meat on the bones and boil the carcass and pan drippings  (the most flavorful part!) to make a hearty chicken soup or stew.   Here is a simple chicken soup recipe.- Avoid prepared foods, which are not only more expensive than whole foods, but also have unhealthy additives like hidden sugars/corn syrup, MSG, preservatives, dyes and too much salt.

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