Loose Hips Save Trips!

Loose Hips Save Trips!
We all feel it some days, maybe most days.  Sore, stiff and sometimes painful hips and lower backs from sitting.  We can’t avoid sitting, but we can offset the negative effects.  Read on to understand how to improve your balance, decrease trips and falls and feel happier!
*No time to read my full article?  Scroll down to learn a stretch to help decrease backaches.

Sitting at our desks, when we drive, on planes or other modes of travel, have our hip flexors in a short tight position that almost feels worse when we immediately stand up and try to lengthen or stretch the area.  In addition to the aches, pains, soreness and limited mobility, we are also increasing our risk of falling!  Balance requires core strength and the support of hip girdle muscles to stay upright.  Challenge your footing and you challenge your balance. The sitting position promotes tight, weak hips, a weak core and that significantly decreases your chances of catching your balance if you trip or even just step slightly off centered.  This is not always the natural aging process.  This is the result of sitting too much. 
The good news is the fix is fairly simple!  Stretching hip flexors and chest muscles while strengthening hips and back can improve and most times eliminate the pain and stiffness and help you keep your footing!  The realistic news is that stretching doesn’t always sound like fun, and can even be mildly uncomfortable as we try to stretch those short inflexible muscles. This usually means that no one is super excited to get to the floor and stretch, but if you can commit to one minute to start, you will be going in the right direction!  If you are unsure how to stretch certain muscles, find a stretch class (we have several at embody!) and you can learn how to incorporate a few simple stretches into your day and improve your overall wellness.  Less aches and pains equal more smiles, less grimaces.
*DESK STRETCH:  At your desk, scoot your bum to the end of your chair and open your knees.  Allow your lower back to arch as you lift your chest up.  Roll your shoulders back and squeeze your shoulder blades together.  Hold this position for 10 seconds, if you can, or slowly work toward increasing the time.  If you can remember to stretch for 10 seconds every 20-30 minutes while sitting, your postural muscles will thank you!
If you are local and looking for a fun and motivating way to stretch, come join one of our many stretch classes designed to help flexibility, but also improve the strength of your postural muscles.  You’ll feel less achy, less grumpy and have more of a chance of catching yourself when you are off balance.  SIGN UP HERE: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=303641
Not ready for class?  Give us a call to work one on one.

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