Party Night Day Plan

So you’ve crushed your nutrition all week, you’re feeling great, and you’re totally in a groove, wIth this sort of momentum, combined with increased energy, and visible results nothing could go wrong…right?  But then comes Saturday night and that cocktail party, or kids birthday, or nieces wedding, or any one of a million possible events that you’ve had on the calendar for weeks or months and you know you will have little to no control over food choices while attending.  

In the past, something like this could have created anxiety or negative thoughts as it approached.  We fear it may knock us out of that awesome groove we’ve been in and grind our results to a halt. An indulgence night or “cheat night” can and should be a part of your successful nutrition plan, so designating this night as such is always an option.  Sometimes however, you will have a particularly busy weekend or month, or just want a bit more control to guarantee you won’t feel guilty about straying from your plan. A good way to do this is to plan the rest of your day out to provide much more flexibility at the party or event.  

The goal of this day plan is to pack your other meals with a lot of protein and minimal carbs.  Finger foods, comfort foods, and cocktails are almost always carb dense so we’ll save the majority of our carb consumption for the event.  We’re loading up on protein for two reasons. One, it satiates us more than carbs do so you won’t be starving throughout the day and you will show up to the event with an appetite, but not feeling like you haven’t eaten in days and wanting to eat the entire tray of crostinis you see as you walk in.  The other reason is that we don’t know if there will be many protein packed options at the event so to make sure we get enough throughout the day we will load up on it early.

I’ve kept the meals purposely simple because it will most likely be a weekend day and you will probably be busy.  They are also options that could be easily ordered at many restaurants. Without further ado, here is the plan:

  • 3 free range eggs
  • ½ C egg whites
  • 1t ghee
  • ½ C of your favorite veggies (green pepper and sweet onion pictured)

Directions – saute veggies in ghee, then stir in eggs/whites until cooked through.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Nutrition – P=22, F=20, C=4

Lunch: Tuna (or chicken) Mixed Green Salad

  • 2 C mixed greens (or any lettuce besides iceberg)
  • 1 Can tuna (preferably in olive oil for taste, OR 4-6 oz chicken breast)
  • 1 T hemp hearts
  • 1 T red wine vinegar
  • 1 t olive oil (may need a bit more if using tuna in water or chicken to coat salad)
  • Any other veggies you prefer (use the same as the scramble if you have extras)

Nutrition – P=21, F=17, C=12

Snacks:  One serving of almonds or cashews, OR one serving turkey jerky (only if needed)

And there you have it.  You can go out and enjoy the event and know that you’ve given yourself enough protein for the day, have eaten tons of veggies, and limited most of your carb/ sugar intake to a single meal.

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