Tired of Trying to Lose Weight, Get Healthier, Not Be Tired.

Struggling to lose weight, feel rested and get everything done.  More and more people seem to be falling into this pattern, and it’s really unhealthy for the entire body, physically, mentally and emotionally.  We are told we need to do more and do it faster.  Taking care of ourselves – the vessel that needs to do all these tasks – falls to the wayside and we enter a downward spiral of exhaustion and depletion that becomes harder to climb up from the longer we let it go.  Slowing down for self care can seem like a waste of time that could’ve gone to checking a task off the list, but as the saying goes, put your own oxygen mask on first.

When we are overwhelmed and exhausted, we reach for sugar, caffeine, sometimes alcohol, avoid physical activity and feel stressed.  These unhealthy choices and situations snowball leaving us overweight, tired and with elevated cortisol levels that can make weight loss impossible, intellect compromised and emotions erratic.  That’s a tough end result.  We are stuck in a powerful negative loop, and when we use what little energy we have to tackle one of these issues, we typically fall short, feel frustrated and give up.

The answer is simple.  So simple we dismiss it.  Slow down.  Inhale five times and count them.  There – your first mini-mediation practice done.  Choose a wholesome food to eat.  Hard to imagine, but people evolved, grew and prospered without manufactured foods.  You can, too.  No one says you need to be a gourmet chef, but learn how to nurture yourself by cooking a vegetable or at least eating one.  (Choose the jobs you outsource wisely.  Putting your health in the hands of a food manufacturing company that profits from you consuming their food may not always be in your best interest).  Go for a walk where you can see trees. The deeper into nature you can go, the better.  

These modifications are the tip of the iceberg, and could have you feeling better with the investment of 10-20 minutes each day.  How much time do you spend at the gym? On a treadmill?  I’m not suggesting you completely abandoned a fitness regimen.  Keep it if you like it, but you may also want to add a more robust selection to your routine that can be more effective as they address more than just physical fitness, but mental and emotional wellbeing.

Eat. Breath. Move.

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