Cookout Season Is here!

The sun is starting to peak out from behind rain clouds, bringing warmer weather and drawing us to the beautiful outside. Memorial Day weekend will be here calling us to cookouts and BBQ’s, but what to bring?

Abandon the staple pasta and potato salads, and venture into more flavorful recipes. Win over the party with a sensational side dish, and you won’t have to tell anyone how simple the dish is to create! If you can chop, you got this!
(Helpful tip when chopping – use the appropriate knife and make sure it is sharp. For example, chopping large vegetables with a pairing knife will be a gruesome chore. Use your large knife for big chopping jobs, and a small pairing knife for smaller, more detailed needs. Use no slip cutting boards, and remember the more you chop, the better chopper you become!)
One of my favorite dishes for cookout season is my versatile Mango Salsa. This can be eaten as a main or a side, or used to top grilled chicken, sausage or other grilled meats. Both vegetarians and meat eaters can enjoy this fresh punch of flavor, and know that they are eating a nutrient dense and delicious food while enjoying friends and family. You can add or leave off certain ingredients based on preference. My last experiment lead to a Chopped Chicken Sausage and Mango Salsa – also incredibly delicious!
Basic Mango Salsa
Mango – 1Avocado – 1Scallion – 4Tomato – 1, medium, no seedsRed Onion – 1/2Green Pepper – 1 Red Pepper – 1Cilantro – about 1/2 cup finely choppedLime – juice of 1 (more if you like)Sea Salt – 1 tsp
Chop all ingredients and place in a bowl. Squeeze lime juice, add salt and toss mixture together. Serve immediately or chilled.

Sausage option – Cook any type of sausage you like and cut into wagon wheels, then quarters. Toss with your salsa.

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