Is Breakfast Really Important?

The well known phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” makes a blanket statement, but doesn’t tell us why or what some good examples of breakfast may look like. Is breakfast the most important meal?

In most scenarios, yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Common answers about eating breakfast…1. I’m not hungry when I wake up.2. I feel nauseous when I eat breakfast.3. I don’t have time to prepare breakfast.4. I’m sick of eggs, and don’t know what else to eat.5. I just eat when I get to the office, whatever they have available in the break room.
When you wake up and begin to move around, you are asking your body to use calories. If no food is introduced relatively soon, the body slows your metabolism (the amount of calories you will use for basic maintenance – blinking eyes, beating heart, breathing, walking to the kitchen for coffee). If this happens regularly, the body decreases or stops the morning production of digestive enzymes – conserving resources. You won’t feel hungry, and if you do eat, you don’t feel well because no enzymes were readily available to digest food causing bloating, uncomfortability, lethargy and even nausea. Take 1-3 bites of an easily digestible food until your body recognizes the routine and starts to increase digestion. Slowly add to your breakfast over a few weeks time.
Breakfast doesn’t need to eggs, and it certainly doesn’t need to be pancakes, waffles, muffins or cereal. Breakfast becomes the hardest meal of the day if we choose chocolate chip pancakes with syrup. This meal, and similar grain based meals, break down very quickly, spike the blood sugar, and can set us up for a day long roller coaster ride of blood sugar and energy dysregulation. Think of balancing. If you can balance well on one leg, and then someone brushes by you disrupting your balance, you are more likely to regain balance if you were well balanced to begin with. If your balance is not great, and while you are on one leg, someone brushes against you, you will probably topple over – hopefully not getting hurt. Many systems in your body work like this – if you have a good foot hold, your body can better hold itself in healthier ranges – blood sugar, energy, etc. If not, these systems are more likely to get out of control quickly. Breakfast is your first lesson of balance. Eat a nutrient dense, non-sugary breakfast to start your day. No time to prepare? This is probably the most common issue I hear about breakfast. I have a gazillion breakfast dishes that can be prepared the night before or that take 1-4 minutes to prepare. Eating breakfast doesn’t need to look like a hot feast that turns your morning into a hot mess every day, so don’t let your perceptions of what a healthy breakfast is turn you away from making it happen.
Eggs are quick and simple, and if you are trying to get a system in place, can be an easy go to meal. However, many more foods in the world to eat besides eggs! Food can be eaten any time of day, so expand your breakfast palette to include foods you may only think of for snacks, lunch or dinners.
There are very few offices that have anything healthy kicking around. Perhaps, you are one of the lucky few with healthy mindful options, but I like to have a bit more understanding of my food and not leave it to chance. Always be prepared with your food, and only use office snack areas as emergencies – maybe like zombie apocalypse and there’s nothing else left.
Egg Crepe

1 egg1 T tapioca flour1 T water1 T coconut oil or ghee (depending on taste or filling)
Heat oil over medium heat in a saute pan.Mix all other ingredients in a bowl (use a fork-the more you whip an egg, the fluffier the product becomes)Pour batter in pan and cook for 1-2 minutes, testing the edges. The edges should pull away from the pan easily when cooked. Flip crepe over with a spatula or practice your fancy one handed flipping move, and cook another 30 seconds.Select a filling that adds nutrients and keeps the sugar content low. Today, I used diced avocado. I also love baby arugula with lime juice (and a little Franks or other hot sauce if you’re spicy)This is a great snack, too. Experiment with your fillings.
Non Egg BreakfastsBreakfast HashChia Seed PuddingNut and Berry “Cereal”Fresh Strawberries w Nut Butter and Cocoa Bullet CoffeeRoasted VeggiesAlmond/Coconut Milk SmoothiesThere’s a gazillion more…
Start your day off well! In a world of things we can’t control, control what you can, starting with breakfast!

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