Balance is a Liar

On this beautiful Sunday morning, I managed to squeeze in a teen facial for my daughter between my work appointments.  This was her first, so pretty exciting for her. I had the opportunity to sit in the peaceful and aesthetically pleasing comforting waiting area in Pyara Salon. Hot tea and tinctures are offered along with glistening iced water that managed to look refreshing even in winter. I had initially thought this would be a great time to sit in my car and get some work done, but the lure of relaxation and natural products for me to sip to help my tired muscles won out. 

The teas and tinctures offered are from Naturopathica.  Interested in the seemingly clean and simple products, I decided to google the company to learn more about their claims and was duly impressed by founder Barbara’s Close’s words. Her mission is to educate holistically (love her already) and explains skin is a reflection of the inner workings of the body.  Yes!  I’m reading on. She mentions the unattainable “balance” that we as a society are so hopped up about. Rachel Hollis, another of my favorites to read, dislikes the term “balance” as does Close.  These high-powered, motivational women explain that balance is unattainable. What?!  That’s all we talk about is balance. The idea of balance promotes the idea that everything can be done and achieved if you find the right balance.  I’m with them. Balance is evasive, and maybe we could strive to be fluid and adaptable, but not so much that we are neglectful.

Agreed. Nothing in my world is balanced, but I do recognize that there are distinct areas that need attention.  Maybe in a given minute, day or a week, one thing needs more attention than another, and that can change in the next minute, day or week.  I can’t imagine getting everything in every day.  That would be stressful. I definitely don’t have a balance, but more of a rotation of priorities. If I am working on a deadline for something, there maybe laundry piling up. OK, definitely laundry piling up…There’s no time or space for balance, only priorities that can either work for or against us. Many of us prioritize things that we think are working for us, but they are actually taking us away from the things that may help us find more inner peace and happiness. The take away on our culture is that if you are calm and meditate or sip tea, you can’t be a go-getter, a successful business person, or successful at whatever job or life you are tending.  Most of what I see now are folk who are so stressed out they can’t be effective. 
As evidenced here by Barbara, Rachel, Brenee Brown – another of my favorites, we absolutely can live a healthier more fulfilled life by including emotional and mental wellbeing into the equation without being deemed a hippy or crunchy- which is also fine and I think desirable in the rotation!

Thank you to Christine Perkins at Pyara for providing a local business on a global stage that allows people to arrive and focus on their inner beauty and walk out with an outer beauty fueled from within. These are the types of things of that we need more. This is not an excessive luxury, but a necessary component of wellness hygiene. Rock on, sisters. Rock on. 

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