What Technology is Doing For Us.

Mental hygiene seems like a new buzzword, and quite frankly, any attention to mental hygiene is welcomed in my book.  Stigma and shame associated with mental illness, health and hygiene have prevented many people from receiving treatment, and in too many cases that cost was life. 

A major increase in numbers of depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses have been associated with technology.  From the instant notification of information, sheer volume of information or the ability to reach the entire planet in seconds, to name a few, have tested our ability to buffer these new expectations that accompany these advances, exhausting our minds, and stealing our peaceful moments.

On the positive side, these increases are so significant, we have been forced to look at side effects, and in doing so, are giving more attention to mental hygiene.  What IS mental hygiene?

Webster’s Dictionary defines mental hygiene as: the science of maintaining mental health and preventing the development of psychosis, neurosis or other mental disorders.  Since the founding of the United Nations (10/24/1945) the concepts of mental health have achieved international acceptance. 

Practicing Mental Hygiene

            By definition, we are looking to maintain mental health or prevent progression of existing ailments.  So, if dental hygiene is brushing teeth, flossing and getting regular check ups, could mental hygiene involve a daily habit and a regular check in with a professional?  You bet!  Shame or stigma involved?  Let’s go for no!

Some daily habits to promote Mental Hygiene

  • Identify something you are grateful for each day           
  • Breath work and meditation
  • Behave like the person you want to become

Find a licensed therapist who will take you for check ups and obtain some profession guidance to keep you as mental well as can be!

Mental health and hygiene are important, and don’t let any one convince you otherwise.  Working to be well regulated is a cornerstone to enjoying your life!



Anne Rollins CSSD, MS, RD, LDN

Anne Rollins is Board Certified Sports Dietitian, USAT Coach and Lifecoach.  The content of this blog relates to mental health.  The thoughts and sentiments here are not that of a mental health professional. Seek out a mental health professional for more individualized advice and medical treatments.

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