Do You Know What Snacks to Eat on Super Bowl Sunday?

Super Bowl and Snacks

Do You Know What to Eat for a Super Bowl Snack?

One more thing to blame on 2020 is an additional 5-7 pounds caused by unhealthy #snacking related to walking through our kitchens all day. Snacking is up 40% and unfortunately, the snacks aren’t apples tossed with cinnamon.  Most people associate snack foods with packaged snacks like chips, pretzels, muffins and other high salt, high sugar foods.  I often remind people that a snack is an opportunity to get in some vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients.  We may be surprised to hear the power of a healthy snack can improve your mood, weight, energy, mental focus, attention and many other neurological functions.

Inflammation and oxidation sit at the root of almost every, if not all chronic diseases.  Packaged snack foods are high in corn and corn by products (oil, high fructose corn syrup) and these contribute to your inflammatory pool (omega 6’s).  Foods that are frequently recommended as anti inflammatory can be rich in omega 3’s.  While we need both, we typically eat foods that contribute to inflammation in much higher amounts than the anti-inflammatories, and that’s not good for the balanced ratio we need to stay healthy.

Many of you know I take my football seriously, and that includes the snacks and beverages that go along with it.  The Super Bowl happens once a year, and this is the time to get a little loose with your guidelines.  A random Tuesday afternoon in your kitchen while you are on a quick recess from zoom meetings is not the time for chips and dip.

However, there are many crowd pleasers that fit the bill for “healthier” and for Super Bowl favs.

  • Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins
  • Turkey Bacon Guac Boats
  • Spicy Wings
  • Sweet Potato Balls

These snacks fit the bill for any day, but always think nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies for your quick grab and go snacks!

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