Spice up your BBQ Salad (without the guilt!)

By Reuby Staviss, embodyFitness/Boston University Dietetic Intern Summer is here and that means it’s time for crisp vegetables and refreshing fruit. There is nothing better than digging into a ripe juicy fruit after spending the day in the sun.   With warm weather comes people’s desires for light, healthy foods that will keep them feeling greatContinue reading “Spice up your BBQ Salad (without the guilt!)”

Sometimes We Eat Out of Season

We always hear the recommendation to eat in season to ensure that we eat locally grown foods that supply us with a year round variety of nutrition. However, variety being the spice of life, sometimes we like to eat imported fruits and veggies. Where I live, Northeast US, we get lots of apples, greens, squashesContinue reading “Sometimes We Eat Out of Season”

Keep It Simple, Sweetie (KISS)

Be Fitter, Stronger and Trimmer! Anne Rollins MS CSSD RD LDN Simplicity.  Sometimes when we are feeling out of shape, unable to lift items we could always pick up, tired and stuffed into our clothes, we dismiss the notion that the solution may be simple.  How?  This is a big project.  Weight loss, strength, energyContinue reading “Keep It Simple, Sweetie (KISS)”

Do You Know What Snacks to Eat on Super Bowl Sunday?

Super Bowl and Snacks Do You Know What to Eat for a Super Bowl Snack? One more thing to blame on 2020 is an additional 5-7 pounds caused by unhealthy #snacking related to walking through our kitchens all day. Snacking is up 40% and unfortunately, the snacks aren’t apples tossed with cinnamon.  Most people associateContinue reading “Do You Know What Snacks to Eat on Super Bowl Sunday?”

Imagine Yourself Achieving All Your Goals!

Are you making avoidable mistakes that have caused your New Year Resolutions to fall short? Discover what subtle changes you can make that are proven to help you achieve success. Many of us set goals in the coldest and darkest month of the year (in the Northern hemisphere), so if you don’t live in orContinue reading “Imagine Yourself Achieving All Your Goals!”


Anne Rollins MS RD CSSD LDN What even is an anti oxidant? One of my favorite seasons for food (and sports) is upon us!  I’m going to discuss food because sports are a tough conversation currently, especially for football in New England. Pomegranates have arrived in giant boxes to the stores, and now is theContinue reading “HEALTH & MENTAL HYGIENE”