Do I Need Supplements? Winter is here.  Do I take Vitamin D? Anne Rollins MS CSSD RD LDN Years ago my straight up answer to anyone eating a varied diet in the US was unequivocally, No.  However, our food supply has dramatically changed and in some cases, is compromised (even the “healthiest” of stuff mayContinue reading “HEALTH & MENTAL HYGIENE: SUPPLEMENTS”


High Stress No Sex Anne Rollins MS CSSD RD LDN In researching my new Men’s Health program embodyMo, beginning Sunday, Movember 1, I was expecting to find most of the topics related to cardiovascular health, as heart disease remains the number 1 killer in men of all ages.  Related to stress and anxiety, suicide topsContinue reading “HEALTH & MENTAL HYGIENE: High Stress, No Sex”


Mental & Health Hygiene: Men’s Health Anne Rollins MS CSSD RD LDN This blog was going in a completely different direction until… Last night, breaking my own “no screen time :30 before bed” rule, I caught a glimpse of Shemar Moore on SWAT.  The scene depicted a man, as macho as they come, struggling withContinue reading “HEALTH & MENTAL HYGIENE: Men’s Health”

Lack of Mental and Health Hygiene

Lack of Mental and Health Hygiene – Anne Rollins CSSD MS RD LDN Somewhere between my age and an evolving global pandemic, I find myself consistently shown friends, family, clients and strangers that are struggling with consequences related to the lack of mental and health hygiene.  Some of these people even succumb to theses consequences. Continue reading “Lack of Mental and Health Hygiene”

Eat More. Work out Less. Lose Weight.

Anne Rollins MS CSSD RD LDN Work Out More, Eat Less!! Doesn’t seem to be working…. We have all been told that if we want to lose weight we should cut back on portions and get some exercise.  When that doesn’t work, we do what’s only natural.  Cut back more.  Work out more.  Feel guiltyContinue reading “Eat More. Work out Less. Lose Weight.”

Quarantine is hurting my low back!

Recently, many people have been complaining about aches and pains, more than usual. Most of us are not moving as much as we usually do, are sitting for longer, and hunched over technology more hours of the day. Since we are at home, there’s no stop time, and we may be working and slouching moreContinue reading “Quarantine is hurting my low back!”

The Mounting Pressure in Quarantine

As quarantine marches on, I’ve noticed a growing apathy, increased challenges with daily tasks, poor food choices and general “blah”.  Each day I walk over to my wall calendar that used to coordinate several sports, games, practices, school activities, holidays and vacations and announce, “Check off another one, Wilson.” And, I’m envious of the tropicalContinue reading “The Mounting Pressure in Quarantine”

Mental Hygiene and Isolation

Anne Rollins MS CSSD RD LDN May is Mental Health Awareness month (but this couldn’t wait) I had other plans for this coming May, as I’m sure 100% of all us did.  Quarantine was not one of them.  Shifting gears, and pivoting…. Anxiety and Depression Solitude and isolation are the norm for many who sufferContinue reading “Mental Hygiene and Isolation”

Balance is a Liar

On this beautiful Sunday morning, I managed to squeeze in a teen facial for my daughter between my work appointments.  This was her first, so pretty exciting for her. I had the opportunity to sit in the peaceful and aesthetically pleasing comforting waiting area in Pyara Salon. Hot tea and tinctures are offered along withContinue reading “Balance is a Liar”