The Mounting Pressure in Quarantine

As quarantine marches on, I’ve noticed a growing apathy, increased challenges with daily tasks, poor food choices and general “blah”.  Each day I walk over to my wall calendar that used to coordinate several sports, games, practices, school activities, holidays and vacations and announce, “Check off another one, Wilson.” And, I’m envious of the tropical island Tom Hanks landed on…

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Mental Hygiene and Isolation

Anne Rollins MS CSSD RD LDN

May is Mental Health Awareness month (but this couldn’t wait)

I had other plans for this coming May, as I’m sure 100% of all us did.  Quarantine was not one of them.  Shifting gears, and pivoting….

Anxiety and Depression

Solitude and isolation are the norm for many who suffer from mental health issues, and I can’t imagine how people are managing in quarantine. 

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Balance is a Liar

On this beautiful Sunday morning, I managed to squeeze in a teen facial for my daughter between my work appointments.  This was her first, so pretty exciting for her. I had the opportunity to sit in the peaceful and aesthetically pleasing comforting waiting area in Pyara Salon. Hot tea and tinctures are offered along with glistening iced water that managed to look refreshing even in winter. I had initially thought this would be a great time to sit in my car and get some work done, but the lure of relaxation and natural products for me to sip to help my tired muscles won out. 

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