Lifestyle Revitalization Program

Weight Loss for Good.

Enjoy wearing all your favorite clothes and feeling confident upon completing our simple 12 week program.

If your clothes have gotten too snug (or simply don’t fit), you find yourself covering yourself with larger clothing and have difficulty getting out of your chair, your joints are getting creaky and just can’t move the way you used to The Lifestyle Revitalization Program is for you!

Constantly thinking about weight loss and how to keep it off can be a full time job. Maybe you think you can’t lose weight due to your age, or a sluggish metabolism or you haven’t figured out your system just yet.

What if your problem isn’t any of those things, but that you are too restrictive and every time your favorite foods come around you fall off.

Eating more and moving equals weight loss. If you stop restricting AND include your favorite foods in your plan you will start losing weight.

Increasing your food intake is the secret to losing weight and can only happen if you follow the Lifestyle Revitalization Program.

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3 Months of Small Group Training $199/month ($249 for single month)

If your goals include weight loss, weight gain, body fat loss, or improving health markers like blood sugar and cholesterol, then this is the plan for you.  We combine nutrition, fitness, and recovery in this program and hold you accountable, to deliver results.  Nutrition, like fitness, is not one size fits all, so we customize it to YOU.  We meet you where you are at and provide you the tools to get to where you want to be.  Whether that is with meal plans, habit coaching, or access to healthy recipes you will come up with a plan along with your coach and have the support you need to succeed.  This package includes;

  • Access to embody recipes and menus
  • Access to all nutrition challenges
  • Access to all fitness challenges
  • 2 SGT sessions per week
  • Unlimited classes (yoga, stretch, cardio, mobility, foam rolling)

Unlimited Support Classes – $99/month

We believe in pliability, muscle maintenance and core strength to promote overall wellbeing. These classes are a supplement to our program, but can be an excellent way to get dormant muscles ready to move or to facilitate injury recovery.

Class Descriptions

Our sessions are currently live remote or on your own, and conducted or written by experienced, certified instructors

Small Group Training

These 45 minute sessions are limited to 6 people with one coach so that we can cater the workout to each member’s goals and abilities. During these sessions we focus on a combination of strength training, corrective exercises, cardio, and mobility to have you looking, feeling, and performing your best. Equipment is optional; we include what you have.

Pop Up Cardio

30 minute higher intensity bodyweight workout designed to crank up the heart rate, boost the metabolism, and burn body fat.  Modifications provided for all high impact (jumping or running) exercises.  Get ready to sweat and have some fun!

Lower + Upper Body Mobility

Two separate 15 minute sessions focused on improving mobility, and reducing pain throughout the body. Find relief from common ailments like plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, low back pain, tennis/golf elbow, rotator cuff issues and more. Come for one session or stay for both.


Choose from restorative or vinyasa flow options. 60 minute sessions for all levels to improve posture, increase flexibility, breathe better, and deeply relax.

Foam Rolling

Reduce muscle tension, eliminate painful knots, and improve blood flow in chronically tight muscles. Learn the correct way to use a foam roller and other myofascial release tools for lasting improvements in the way your body moves as a whole.

Guided Meditation

True meditation is easier said than done. This short, 15 minute session is led by a certified instructor to make sure you are able to unlock all of the health and stress related benefits of deep relaxation.

Outdoor Bootcamps and Functional Training *Seasonal*

Bootcamps are 45 minute high intensity, metabolic workouts so be prepared to sweat. Functional trainings are focused on building strength and improving the way the body functions as a whole. Run from the beginning of Spring until the end of Fall in Burlington, MA.

“Joint pain resolved in 4 weeks. I really love the fact that the program is individually tailored based on each person’s needs and abilities. This is definitely not a cookie-cutter. I definitely feel like I could maintain these results for a lifetime. I better understand the parameters in choosing food when not eating at home, and exercise makes me feel better.”

Achievement unlocked-now that it is finally summer, I just tried on my skinniest shorts from my lowest weight 5 years ago, and they fit with room! I’m five pounds heavier than then, but clearly, it is more muscle! Thank you.
Kathleen (current member)

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