Hear What Our Members Are Saying

“I’m the happiest I’ve been in well over 10 years.”
“I can’t believe that I’m on my 24th week with the program and I’ve lost 23 lbs.”

“I’m down 30 lbs., Wahoo!…The craziest thing is that I’m not hungry.”

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Here is what the members have said about the new embody Remote program:

Thanks for the remote sessions, we were so worried about gaining weight and not staying active. This works!”- Supriya

“It was awesome-no need to drive, no need to worry about kids’ timings or them being alone.”- Prahsant

“Today was my first remote class, liked it. Please add more remote sessions.”- Jhansi

“Thanks embody team again for a great home workout! You guys have stepped up to the challenge! Thank you!!”- Rejeni

“Thanks for adapting to the new reality so quickly!! We really appreciate your commitment!!!”-Elise