Rollins Scholarship Foundation

Mental health disorders, diseases and hygiene have long been ignored causing shame or embarrassment to the point that many do not seek treatment or may not even be allowed to seek treatment based on family culture.

I lost my father to suicide when I was 19, and he, 55 years old. He had anxiety and depression that was likely never diagnosed until late in life and his treatment may have been too little too late. Out of shame, my family said he died of a heart attack.

In 2014, while running the Boston marathon, I was involved in a traumatic event that left me with PTSD, a widespread mental health disorder ubiquitous in the active and veteran military. PTSD is a treatable disorder.

Mental health and its management of it has shaped my entire life, and the stigma that rides that wave can be devastating for people with mental illness as well as family members.

Join me as I eradicate shame associated with mental health and hygiene issues, and create a world where people feel free to verbalize a mental health issues the same as any other disease, like heart disease or diabetes.

I have raised money running the Boston marathon course, (alone and not on Marathon Day) in my father's footsteps, a race he ran many times and that I watched him finish way before running was cool or popular. He taught me much through running.

My initial plan was to increase awareness... say the words...mental health and hygiene...but people wanted to donate. So I needed to figure out where to donate the funds. I wanted the money to be in the hands of people who need mental health services for themselves or family, so I created my fund, The Rollins Scholarship Foundation.

I'm excited to announce that our first award will be to an organization creating programming specifically for mental health and hygiene skills building for youth, with a mission to end youth suicide and pharmaceutical dependency. 2023 fundraising events are shaping up to be incredible. 

There is treatment for mental health and mental hygiene (the practice of keeping your mind healthy), and my goal here is to reach as many people as possible to create a sense of camaraderie for those who have mental health issues or know someone who does. That would statistically cover everyone on the planet. This is not something we should hide or avoid but rather embrace and heal.

Please join me in my mission to spread the word by sharing my message, as this helps me reach more people. Donating money to the fund will go directly to an individual or family in need.